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  1. Bike Rental Places
  2. Directions to Nakai Circuit
  3. Setting Suspension Sag
  4. Carb Parts
  5. Track Day info, what do to and expect etc.
  6. Directions to the Okegawa Training Area
  7. Gaijinriders Phonebook
  8. Ebisu Circuit Weather
  9. Shaken
  10. GMD Computrack
  11. Road Maps of Japan in English, ONLINE!!!
  12. Ques: living in Japan
  13. Good Tire Shop!!
  14. Registering 1st bike help
  15. Bank Transfer info for HMS
  16. Importing a bike to Japan built after 1999
  17. Honda Motorcycle School (HMS) 2005 Dates
  18. GREAT SITE: look here for shaken and other useful stuff!!
  19. Huge Map- Kanto Area (work in progress) DON'T POST HERE!!!
  20. Big Map: Tokyo to Izu. DON'T POST HERE!
  21. US Passports for the kids
  22. Taxes for the Americans
  23. Leather repairs anyone anywhere? need repairs
  24. International Driver's License
  25. Euro/N. American market lights and Shaken?
  26. Parking space
  27. Importance of having a gaijin card
  28. Japan Highway Drive Calendar
  29. How to sign up for ETC in Japan
  30. Oogata license (at Samezu) test cheat sheet
  31. Some great Bike info
  32. SHAKEN FOR 99 900RR
  33. Rules regarding tinted visors on helmets?
  34. Transfering foreign license over to a Japanese one + Oogata
  35. Bike Registration Office in Kanagawa?
  36. After-market exhaust
  37. Getting Bike Repaired
  38. Speedo ?
  39. Some more on exchanging a foreign license?
  40. Making my buell legal
  41. A Cunning Plan?
  42. Failed Drive Test Today (Car)
  43. new parking rules
  44. ducati theft insurance?
  45. Japanese DMV website for bike/car documents
  46. Oogata license test requirements, penalties, ippatsu how-to
  47. Shaken is DONE!!!
  48. Bike license from scratch
  49. Bike license test
  50. Registration
  51. Lost my shaken?!?!?!
  52. Expiration Date on License
  53. Weight Tax renewal for Military
  54. Parking warnings
  55. Address changes
  56. Multiple Bike insurance coverage
  57. Revised Shaken Rules
  58. road tax
  59. Bike test in English advice please
  60. User Shaken - detailed info
  61. How to deal with a parking ticket
  62. Renew license at Samezu
  63. User shaken tip: tax forms
  64. User Shaken tip No. 2: Aftermarket mufflers for 2003~ bikes
  65. User Shaken tip No. 3: Headlights
  66. What bike insurance r u using?
  67. Shaken tip
  68. shaken: reservation phone number is now 050-5540-2130
  69. question on jibaiseki hoken
  70. License Suspension and Defensive Driving School Waiver
  71. Speed Star
  72. lost license plate sticker
  73. Requirements for Purchasing a Motorcycle
  74. Seat shop in Tokyo
  75. Kyle Racing -- great source for Ohlins
  76. Hippo Hands
  77. Shaken for CBR600rr
  78. Confusion...
  79. Selling a bike to a shop
  80. Transferring Australian license
  81. Is it possible to just get theft insurance?
  82. How to sell a bike
  83. Insurance - other thread is a bit old
  84. Getting a Japanese licenses on a US base
  85. ogata riding test..
  86. Holiday Shaken
  87. Selling a scooter -- what happens with the rego?
  88. Insurance question: Do insurance companies share info?
  89. U.S. License transfer problem
  90. Did user shaken for my car
  91. Hello with a plan....
  92. Kit and DIY Bikes in Japan
  93. Shuto tandem riding guide
  94. shaken tax city tax proof
  95. Everything from scratch
  96. Getting My Oogata at the Fuchu driving center
  97. Ippatsu - Straight From J-Auto License to Oogata
  98. Shaken help for Newbie- how do I start?
  99. Selling procedure
  100. 50cc selling procedure
  101. User Shaken: A guide to doing it yourself (Chiba Shakensho)
  102. Oogata Samezu Experience
  103. 400cc zenzen naku naru?
  104. Shaken and/or license paperwork
  105. Moving to a newer mansion
  106. Renewing my license
  107. Insurance
  108. 0 to Kogata in 30 days -_-; A Beauracratic tale
  109. Shaken possible with outstanding parking tickets?
  110. Moterbike License
  111. help with buying 250cc
  112. Zurich Insurance and Road Side Service?
  113. Yahoo Auction Service
  114. Couple of days late for shaken, what will happen ?
  115. License links
  116. UK car license -> Japanese kogata (125cc) license
  117. Getting a Chuugata with No US Bike Endorsements
  118. My Oogata Experience
  119. Importing a bike into japan from before 1999
  120. Change to emissions standards for bikes after Aug 2008?
  121. Speeding !
  122. Rear footrests needed for shaken?
  123. E.t.c
  124. gentsuki
  125. Car/van shaken in South Osaka
  126. International Driving Permit
  127. Expired Shaken, no maintenance book, no problem?
  128. Rejected for ETC by my bank... now what?
  129. Oh crap ... expired shaken
  130. tax or not to tax
  131. Shaken in someone else's name?
  132. shipping bike to japan for temporary use?
  133. Do I Have to Register my Bike After a Move?
  134. Some questions from a newbie...
  135. Bureaucracies when buying a new bike???
  136. Banned from taking private transport to work
  137. Shaken time. City tax receipt?
  138. self-registering a new bike ?
  139. Help! Importing a bike from the U.S., need exact info
  140. Few Questions about Shaken
  141. Compulsory Liability Insurance (250cc or less)
  142. Just a quickie: transfer of ownership.
  143. Registering a bike.
  144. City Tax on a Bike I Sold
  145. My experience going from foreign car to Japanese Chuugata license.
  146. Free License Renewal
  147. Regestering my new bike thru A guy named MR Sato ????
  148. My Shaken Experience
  149. De-registering and getting an English title
  150. Cage to carry the Bike
  151. What's involved in selling a bike yourself?
  152. Car Shaken
  153. Insurance help
  154. Bought a bike, how do i register it?
  155. Vehicle (car) registration and Shaken
  156. Transferring a Motorcycle License / Renewing California License?
  157. 400cc vs. 600cc insurance
  158. Parking
  159. Anti Theft Insurance
  160. Required documents to transfer US license
  161. Reregistering a temporarily deregistered bike
  162. Bike shipping to Kyushu
  163. Re-registering a 250 with no reg doc.
  164. Japanese driver's license vs International Driver's license
  165. AIU insurance quote
  166. Need temporary license plates OR LTO Adress in Fukuoka
  167. How to buy a bike?
  168. Exporting Japan spec bikes to the US.
  169. Licence Renewal
  170. 125cc license
  171. Buying a bike ~ what paperwork needed?
  172. DIY customs?
  173. Parking ticket before Ii registred it in my name.....what next?
  174. Do your own shaken and save yourself a lot
  175. Maintenance log book for shaken?
  176. My first Harley shaken
  177. Little help finding the Rikuun Jimusho
  178. Parking and Tickets
  179. Got my license plate taken by*a neighbour!
  180. Insurance Reccomendation
  181. How to get 1 day rego plates for a car?
  182. When is car rego calculated?
  183. Need a copy of japanese car tax to prove its paid (and parking proof)
  184. Buying from a private seller
  185. how to import and register a 250 cc 2 stroke enduro bike.
  186. Buying from private seller in a different prefecture
  187. JBR Road Service Insurance
  188. Applied for new residence card
  189. buying 125cc scooter from tokyo to tokyo
  190. Travel to Russia
  191. Chugata menkyo from scratch
  192. Scrapping a car
  193. Dealership fees on used bike
  194. Importing a bike to Japan built before 1999
  195. Insurance and bike dealers
  196. Applying for License Exchange -- 6-month limit for aggregating days in issuing country
  197. So I have my chuo-gata (midsize bike) diploma... now what?
  198. Importing a SMALL bike to Japan built after 1999
  199. Shaken description on used bike ad
  200. Slalom practice needed -- Oogata quest
  201. Process to sell a bike
  202. Legal modifications?
  203. Oogata Kanuma Experience
  204. Shaken time window
  205. car auto shaken questions
  206. Checking ETC usage online
  207. Parking - Under 50cc
  208. Oogata in Sendai
  209. Gentsuki Jibaiseki Hoken transferable?
  210. ETC toll charged twice!
  211. Bureaucratic BS: RikuUnKyoku
  212. Lost Shaken-sho and Jibaiseki original documents
  213. Changing ownership of 250cc bike. Question regarding form to fill out.
  214. Bought a car privately, now what?
  215. Motorcycle written test
  216. Tickets on another persons bike
  217. importing 2 cj750 from china, need help with the address in tokyo, shinagawa to reg bikes.
  218. Bike thief
  219. Insurance Info
  220. Particularly Nagoya riders, Help! Just purchased a bike...what's next?
  221. EV registration, licensing, inspection etc.
  222. User shaken done April 23, 2014
  223. Is this quote too much?
  224. English Rider Training Schools in Osaka
  225. Documents needed to register an under 125cc
  226. Doing my Own Shaken in Tokyo
  227. Kei ETC Units on Motorcycles
  228. Buying a big bike, from Goobike to riding - A request for help
  229. Doing first time user shaken next week
  230. Insurance list, policies costs and comparison (July 2014)
  231. Comprehensive, multivehicle, classic bikes insurance?
  232. Need some quick advice for Tokyo
  233. Modified bike - shaken
  234. What's this sticker?
  235. NinIHoKen - Liability Insurance - if bike stored
  236. Jidosha Zei - Vehicle tax
  237. Permanent export
  238. Number plate sticker?
  239. Cheapest way to get a Ogata license?
  240. Bike Ownership Transfer Inkan and Inkan Shomeisho Needed These Days?
  241. temporary import of motorcycle into Japan
  242. Motorycle Accident in Tokyo
  243. When does shaken start?
  244. Does anyone know of parking in the area of the Russian Embassy Tokyo?
  245. International Driving Permit, FROM a Japanese driving license
  246. Theft Insurance?
  247. Shipping a 2012 150cc motorcycle to Japan, worth it?
  248. Registering Military Bike
  249. Nerima Registration center?
  250. Gentsuki License to 125cc or more