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toma nova
04-07-09, 01:06 PM
Geezer has recommended Ishii-san at MARS-I (http://www7.plala.or.jp/mars-i/) in the past - I took that recommendation and Ishii-san was able to sort my new front brakes that I had been messing with for two weeks. I had changed pads, added a braided line and obviously new fluid, but I could not get any pressure in the lever. I bled at the master cylinder, at the caliper, with a Mity Vac, filled the line with a syringe from the caliper, rubber-banded the lever overnight - everything that was suggested. No front brakes.

I rode to MARS-I this morning (backs work fine) and Ishii-san, his wife, and an assistant took everything apart. New crush washers top and bottom, a little grease behind the pads, and a power bleeder fixed everything up. /3500 for about 45 minutes, including brake fuild and washers. Also checked the tires, greased the levers - he likes bikes!

Ishii-san speaks great English, no problem communicating what I fucked up and what he was doing to fix it. The shop is on 420 just west of Meguro Dori (312).

Highly recommended.


04-07-09, 03:14 PM
Yeah, Ishii-san is a good doobie. I just wish he'd charge more. He's constantly in financial trouble, but he's convinced that he'll get more repeat business by undercharging. Many small jobs, he wouldn't charge me at all, despite my insiting that I can afford it. Never charged me more than 6000 for an oil change -- hell, I can't do it for less than that myself! Anyway, he never accepted more money, so I'd get him a nice gift instead, occasionally.

BTW, once he got to know me, and saw that I know what I'm doing, he'd let me use his tools, which was kinda nice when I needed something special.

BTW2, Sachie is not his wife, just a very old friend. Good people.

04-07-09, 05:44 PM
Wonder how much he'd charge for a valve overhaul for my VMAX. Might call him towards the end of the year.

04-07-09, 11:16 PM
Glad you got the brakes sorted and nice to hear Ishii San did another great job.
You just need to get some leathers and you can be track side............

30-11-09, 08:58 PM
This guy Mr Isshi is the best guy I think I`ve met in 7yrs in japan - a true hero of a man -
I left the lights on on my scooter ran the batt dead and he recharged it overnight for 2000jpy - The only thing I worry about is he always seems to have the proverbial cig hanging out of his mouth (think lucky Luke) which is a bit concerning with all the oil etc lying around - seriously happy I have this guy nearby -makes a big difference

13-04-10, 03:39 PM
Ishii San was discovered in 1992 by my colleague who broke down 50m from his shop( orginaly on Yamate Dori). He was riding a Kawaski Eliminator 400. He was Shocked that he spoke english. Started recommending him to friends and his business just steamed rolled, he would pick up and deliver, sometimes in the same day. Ishii is The man. To be honest more of a Scooter Mechanic than Bikes.

19-11-10, 07:17 AM
Does Ishii-san sell and change tires?
Mine are almost slick and I need to get new ones if I want to pass the Shaken next week, along with new brakes...

19-11-10, 07:55 AM
Does Ishii-san sell and change tires?
Mine are almost slick and I need to get new ones if I want to pass the Shaken next week, along with new brakes...

Speedstar has the best tire prices. Bike shops don't get the same high volume mfg discounts that tire shops get.


19-11-10, 08:41 AM
Thanks Twinrider!
Just had a look at their website and think I will try the new BT-023 :D

19-11-10, 08:51 AM
By the way, while I'm at it, I need to buy new brakes (front + back) too and will put them on myself.
Are the prices the same everywhere or is there a shop worth buying them from in Tokyo?

19-11-10, 09:30 AM

Just got the BT-023.
I'm happy with it, but paid
F 24.
B 16.
I guess you can get it cheaper.