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22-02-12, 01:08 PM
It's been a while since I last posted, but thought that I'd ask for your impressions of road safety in Japan of late.

I always ride in full protection, from a back protector, leather jacket and steel-toe boots to a well-designed Komine neck protector and always the best helmet (Arai, for me).

On a recent trip of Izu, I walked into a joint, removed my jacket to sit to a bowl of noodles. Within minutes, some Oji-chan growled behind my back that I remove my back protector?! A few hours later, while having coffee at a cafe, someone nicked my neck protector (protects the upper reaches of the spine, neck and base of the skull). I could not help but feel rather naked on the drive back to Tokyo and wondering why so much attention is being give to my spine protectors. I recon that the car-motorcycle battle has been tech'd up this past year, but why get miff'ed at neuroprotection?
Any thoughts or similar experiences?


Guy Jinbaiquerre
22-02-12, 01:16 PM
Sounds like you're asking about crime, not road safety!

(1) Unless the oji-san was the owner of the restaurant, you'd be within your rights to tell him to go *%$! himself. And if he is the owner, take your business elsewhere.

(2) I can't believe you got something stolen in Japan, especially something weird like a neck protector. People leave their whole wallets in restaurants here, and have them returned by mail. Anyway, keep a better eye on your stuff, I guess, but it sounds to me like you were just really unlucky this time.

(3) If you feel safer with a neck protector, get one! It's a good piece of gear to have in a serious crash; most riders don't bother with one, but I'm sure if you're ever in a crash where your neck and spine are affected, you'll be glad you're wearing it.

Mike Cash
22-02-12, 01:38 PM
Shit gets stolen in Japan all the time. At the moment, outside my apartment door we have posted a sign asking the person who stole our kerosene to at least bring back the tank and the pump. And we have recently had to restrict my daughter's unmentionables to indoor drying only, due to theft off the clothesline. And we've had the standard bicycle thefts happen to us as well....three or four, I lose count.

My guess about the behind-the-back grumbles would be that perhaps the gear causes him to project rearward into the aisle more than he thinks he does and he may have been an impediment.

23-02-12, 10:08 AM
I've only had a couple things stolen during my many years here. First was a bag that I left in my bicycle basket on a busy sidewalk next to Rt. 246 while I ran back inside the apt to grab something. The other time someone nicked a smelly old helmet that I left on my mirror while I stopped a video shop. They must have been desperate...

My current neighborhood seems really safe, I accidentally left the garage door open all night once and nothing went missing.

Something Wild
23-02-12, 10:16 AM
I've been ripped off plenty of times in Japan, losing bags, bicycles and small change. Some sob even stole a woman from me once. Best to be carefull. Being so close to Tokyo there are lots of rude tourists in Izu, just ignore them.

DDT Rider
23-02-12, 11:31 AM
I've been lucky my 16 years here...the only motorcycle-related theft I've had was a set of gloves I left in the helmet attached to the bike.

It was a painful loss...I had a freezing, 45-minute, bare-handed December night ride back home, about ten years ago I'm Osaka.

23-02-12, 07:07 PM
I had an ipod and my kids DS stolen out of my car. The wife left the car unlocked. oh and I might have stollen a couple gf's in my day lol