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Mike Cash
02-12-12, 11:27 AM
Having an old iPhone 3GS sitting around the house and serving no purpose other than a back-up alarm clock, I thought it would be nice for find an actual use for the thing.

Thanks to Witness (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/witness-driving/id437813388?mt=8), it now functions as a dash camera in my truck.


This particular video is from my iPhone 4, as it does a vastly better job at night than the 3GS does. Ideally, a dash cam should have a wider coverage but for the small sum of 85 yen it is pretty hard to beat this setup. The video is pretty good quality (the 3GS is more than adequate in daylight) and while dedicated dash cams can be had for as little as 3,000 yen these days the video quality isn't even up to the level of the 3GS. Units with built-in GPS embedding go for a premium, while the iPhone includes it to begin with.

The app is easily configurable and a breeze to use. I have set mine to record one minute videos and retain the most recent five clips in memory. It can be set to take video segments from one to six minutes in length and retain from three to ten segments in memory, dropping the oldest as it places the newest in memory. That means you can set it to hold from three up to sixty minutes of video in its rolling memory. Pressing "Save" while using the app will cause the current and the previous segments to be pulled out of the rotating memory, preventing them from being lost. You can then export them to your camera roll and thence off to your computer when you get home. Similarly, any of the segments in the rolling memory can be pulled out and saved, so long as they haven't rolled out of the rotation yet. (The slight gap in the embedded video is due to the video spanning two segments, which I spliced together).

While a proper dash cam with wider coverage would no doubt be better, for 85 yen this is one hell of a "better-than-nuthin" solution.

02-12-12, 07:15 PM
Thatīs very interesting! If I had a car here, most probably I will use this app.