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Mike Cash
02-12-12, 11:52 AM
Here's a nice little app I found thanks to a review in a Japanese motorcycle magazine a coworker gave me: iGS (https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/igs/id409521642?mt=8).

While the menus are Japanese-only, you don't really have to know any Japanese in order to get the most useful functionality out of it. The app pulls up a map of your surrounding area and displays any gas stations, together with fuel prices. It depends on crowd-sourcing for the fuel price reports, so some stations may have out-of-date prices or simply no price displayed at all. Perhaps the most useful feature of the app is the ability to choose to display only stations which are open 24 hours.

The map works with the standard swipe and pinch gestures and if you need to get back to your current location, just tap the second button from the left on the bottom.

There are five clickable buttons along the top of the app. The first one lets you choose which fuel grade's price is displayed with the gas station icons (regular, hi-octane, diesel, kerosene). The second one lets you choose prices based on cash price, member's price, credit price, etc, and can be ignored. The third button gives you an option of displaying either all stations or only 24 hour stations. The fourth button lets you choose whether to display only self-service, only full-service, or both. The fifth button lets you choose the time window of the price report and can be ignored.

Tapping on the gas station icon on the map brings up a popup which can be clicked on to pull up a page with the station's address and a photo of the station.

Could be a handy trip planning tool, or help out with late night refueling. Just bear in mind that there is always the possibility some data might be out of date and a formerly 24 hour station may have ceased 24 hour operations.

02-12-12, 12:52 PM
Testing now... Thanks for the tip.

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