• Honda NC700X 2012 ABS Model Red Excellent Condition 470,000

    This super clean NC700X is up for grabs. ABS model so added safety factor.
    Very clean overall with no major scratches or dents. This bike has not been dropped
    or crashed. It has 9,907kms on the clock. All mechanical's, electrical's, suspension and
    brakes are in top condition. Tires are also in good condition with about 6,000kms of thread remaining.

    Shaken is until June this year. Easy to change over to base plate. The bike is stock and unmolested.

    The NC700X is very fuel efficient, has a nice twin cylinder engine and a neat storage compartment.
    The weight of the bike is low making it super easy to ride and move for parking.

    Free delivery to Shibuya, Shinjuku or Yamanashi.

    Apexmoto Inc. sales@apexmoto.jp or John on 08054029004

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    1. bullitt's Avatar
      bullitt -
      Is this one still for sale?
    1. Jav's Avatar
      Jav -
      Quote Originally Posted by bullitt View Post
      Is this one still for sale?
      Not sure why i am not seeing some posts and sorry for the delayed reply.
      This bike is sold, but we can get plenty like it from auction. If you email
      sales@apexmoto.jp i can send you some history on the NC700X and any other
      bikes you request.
    1. bullitt's Avatar
      bullitt -
      I think that was my fault... I posted a comment on one of the photos in the "apexmoto inc" tab at the top of the page before I realised that the entries on that page are from a while ago. But it looks like it put my comment on a thread that was linked to the photo. Sorry to drag up a dead thread.

    1. Wolster's Avatar
      Wolster -
      Any vn 1500 around
    1. Yorkshire's Avatar
      Yorkshire -
      Hi John
      I realise this is sold, but whats on top of the 470,000? or is that the ride away price, I have just bought a NC750X but I am just enquiring for next time.
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