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Thread: Aso chopper bike festival

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    Default Aso chopper bike festival

    A window on Japan's HD scene

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    Thanks for that. Good to watch.

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    How cool is that...'Sturgis' without any brawls, only in Japan! Yes, I concur, a good watch. Thanks.

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    Had lunch at the new next door neighbors, in Yamanashi today ( ramen shop ).
    The owner is 75 and is sort of famous for his bonsai ( hobby ). He said his dream
    is to own a Harley. A friend of his, lent him one about 20 yrs ago and he still has the
    pictures and memories. His wife said he runs to the window when ever one stops at
    the lights, to catch a glimpse. Pretty cool old couple.
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    Theres a harley dealership just around the corner from my house.

    I stopped in for a look a couple of weeks ago. A really old guy pulled in with his really old wife in the side car. It was nice to see

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