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Thread: Japan - India Overland Adventure

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    On the maintenance topic, my challenge did 44000km without any issues, except regular oil changes, You must change the rear air shock, ( I didn't, big mistake )

    You will need to practice, tire changes, puncture repair, oil changes, air filter cleaning, chain and sprocket changing and how to split or change a chain, top up coolent levels. and change brake pads. These are all thinks that it doesn't hurt to know anyway if you are into riding bikes on long trips.

    Noah on his KTM 690 is a very knowledgeable mechanic, can't really say I would recommend a KTM. (sorry)

    I joined some self defense classes before my trip, I didn't need them but it helped me to feel more prepared.

    The Honda crf250L seems to be the modern choice in small bikes recommended by Austin Vince and a young lad Ben King is currently doing a world trip on one. Fuel economy is a Big concern on a long trip and I would choose fuel injection for this reason.
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