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Thread: 3 day ride outside Tokyo - seek advice

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    Default 3 day ride outside Tokyo - seek advice


    I'm looking for ideas for a 3 day ride outside Tokyo. I'm taking my wife for her 3rd bike ride outside Tokyo and I am looking for winding country roads with beautiful scenery. I prefer not to ride the highway but I also wish to avoid towns and urban conglomerates. Finally I hope to find classic looking, wooden, old, ryokan. Monuments would be a welcome plus but not a priority.

    Any ideas?

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    This time of year cold temps rule out most of the nice mountain roads that we'd normally recommend for that kind of trip. I'd suggest Izu, although it can be comfortably done in two days. No recommendation for a classic Ryokan, but La Posada is nice if you like Mexican food.

    * On second thought, you could spend 3 days in Izu if you get a Mapple and check out every interesting road.

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    Ditto to what TR said above. All the great country/mountain roads in Tochigi, Gunma, Nagano, Yamanashi etc... would be difficult to plan a ride through at this time of year.

    You could split your 3 days between the Izu and Boso peninsulas, focusing mainly on low elevation passes and coastal scenic roads. Slab on the Tomei to Izu, ride all the way southbound on the west coast, spend the night, ride back north on the east coast and the Skyline if it's open, then along the coast of Sagami bay to Miura peninsula and catch a ferry to Futtsu in Boso peninsula, ride south to Tateyama spend a second night, finally ride some more country roads there before heading back to Tokyo.

    Anyway, that just a 30 second brain dump.
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