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Thread: Open street maps on garmin units

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    Quote Originally Posted by inaka_rob View Post
    Also I ordered those maps from Amazon to try out also, they will be here in 2 weeks. I will try to remember to come back and comment when I get them.
    Please do. It would be nice to have more search function on my Zumo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    1) because just for me to update my Zumo, i need to spend about 40,000, and i'm tired of the raping every time i need an update.
    40,000yen??? You did get raped. I had my BMW Motorrad IV updated last year at Iiyonet and it cost 16,000yen. Same price a few years before that when I updated my Roadtech Zumo 660. I've heard that they have since lowered their price now to 15,000yen. Did you send it in yourself or let a dealer do it for you?

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    No no, i didn't spend that money. It was based on conjecture from one of the staff at the place, Iiyonet i believe, that would get my unit by mail and upgrade the map for me. If they have lowered their price, i'm amenable to such a price assuming:

    1) the text updates are search-able,
    2) both J & E display correctly,
    3) all of what i need will be in the new map,

    Sounds like it may be worth a phone call to Iiyonet again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Saw this:

    Not sure it'll work, but it's got a money back guarantee which is nice. i may try it. Would be good to avoid being forced to go to Iiyonet for the latest map data.
    OK so i did this. Took it for a spin around Doushimich after some righteous camping with the girl. I can say it's very close to what's in the OSM map, and might be based on it. When i was near the lakes below Doushimichi, even in Japanese display, the names of the lakes displayed in romanized Korean and i gave up right there. i'm returning the chip this week, and the seller on Amazon agreed to refund the purchase upon receipt of the chip.
    I noticed that the display speed was faster than the OSM i got of the web.

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