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Thread: Nagoya Riders

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    Quote Originally Posted by NAGOYA_CANUCK View Post
    Sounds good to me I just a few friends getting their bike licences. so it would be nice to have a place to post nagoya rides, shops and stuff like that
    Will make sure none of the other mods have an issue and the set it up. Couple of days if no issues.
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    Hey everybody,
    I would love to join some day trips around nagoya. I am based in Kasugai and usually ride up into gifu for daytrips.
    I only have a 250...but its enough for the mountain roads :-)
    Would be fun to organize some weekend daytrips.

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    This is a pretty old thread, but are there any Nagoya riders still around? I am starting to make some Saturday trips and wanted to see if anyone wanted to come with.

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    Work day for me.. Nagoya riders are out there...

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