Sold my Hypermotard recently as had a customer who was looking for one. Loved the Hyper but the suspension is crap. Even on the SP they used
average quality front forks so not wanting to drop 300,000 to sort it, decided to change.

Picked up a 2013 Multistrada S with just under 4,000kms on the clock. The bike is J-Spec so emasculated, but still, it hauls ass.
The suspension is pretty much excellent. You can actually feel it adjusting when the road surface changes significantly. I was a skyhook skeptic
and looking for a 2012 with Ohlins but after trying it, i am happy. In particular when riding on decent surface the ride is firm, but when you happen
on some really rough patches, the damping softens and it remains stable. The only issue i had was doing 160km/hr around a bend with the bags
on, the bike felt loose. I will try with tires i know as do not like the stock tires that much. Not much feedback on road grip. The engine is great
and looking forward to unleashing it. Will Ecunleash and Power Commander it. Have a MIVV Ghibli exhaust and cat eliminator on the way.
The only other issue i noticed, is a lack of engine braking. But might be something i can adjust in the electronics.