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Thread: VFR800FI - Another Japanese beauty

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    Talking VFR800FI - Another Japanese beauty

    Hello guys

    Had to wait a long time after leaving Japan for getting a new bike. Rode a lot my mother 125cc. Finally could get the one I wanted to have after my dear CBR, a Honda VFR800FI from 1999 (RC46A). Was not planning to get that one when looking for something else after the CBR, before leaving Japan but, after talking with Twinrider, got that awesome suggestion.

    If I would have the choice to keep my CBR, would do it but here, I'm considered by insurance as a beginner so can't afford for a 929 insurance and a lot of CBR have a lot of ugly modification there...
    Finally the VFR seemed to be more appropriate for my usage than the CBR in term of design (in practice, the CBR is a great multipurpose bike, trust me). And a lot of aftermarket choice for luggage to put more wine and beers for camping. And I wanted to try the V4 since a long time.

    I really wanted to get the FI model, having a decent power with robust engine and awesome sound. Oh yes, that sound, even with the stock exhaust, she sings well

    Now, after around 3000km, I can say that I don't regret my choice at all. Just had a problem with the R/R which is famous on that bike, and whatever BS Honda can say about the improved regulator they now sell for that bike, it's still unreliable and damn expensive. Got a Mosfet one from RMStator, plug and play, with a cheaper price delivered than the stock one (about half the price!!). Thanks to JK for routing me on the mosfet way

    I really miss my CBR but would miss also that great VFR if having to sell her. Engine is nice, as I said, great sound, and nice torque and smooth. Just perfect for my type of ridding. Braking is also really good. That dual braking is a good feature.

    Also, a great thanks to Apexmoto that took care of my CBR for picking up, fixing up and selling it while I already was out of Japan. They did a awesome job (but who can doubt about it? ). I am pleased to know that my CBR is now ridden (at least I hope so) even if I miss her a lot...

    Well, have a nice road and hope to see you soon

    (yes the helmet is WTF, wanting to buy a C3 but was short in money after coming back and wanting something better than the half of my mother for riding the 125. So found that WTF helmet that finally was really... well I don't know ).
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    Default VFR800FI - Another Japanese beauty

    Looks like you did good. Nice looking bike. Hope hou get years of enjoyment and great riding with her.
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    Great to see you're back on the road Alban! Nice pictures as always!
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