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Thread: Possible work from next year.

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    Default Possible work from next year.

    I have a friend who is thinking about starting a kind of English studio near Shin-Yurigaoka, she has a spare house (nice problem) she has had converted into rooms suitable for acttivies, a large room with a mirrored wall (yoga classes and mom & child things etc...)and various other rooms for English lesson/lectures.

    She is looking for people who can teach. I know nothing of pay etc... Just that she is looking people for possibly; Thursday Friday and Saturday... If you want to know more I can put you in touch with her.

    PM me for more info.

    (I want to point out, this isn't my business and I am not out to financially gain from this. Not that it would make a difference.)

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    Gregory Pye on Facebook, might be interested. He is new to Japan ( relatively speaking )
    and might be looking for extra work.

    Apexmoto Inc - Dyno tuning, engine/chassis/suspension upgrades, repairs, shaken, tires & changing with balancing, graphics printing, stickers, media blasting, painting & powder coating.

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    I would be interested in learning some more info on what she would be looking for, pay, etc. We will most likely be moving to the Tokyo area sometime in January and I will be looking for work.

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