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Thread: Bridgestone Adventure A40 (vs Tourance Next on a 1200GSW)

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    Default Bridgestone Adventure A40 (vs Tourance Next on a 1200GSW)

    Just slapped a set of these on my 1200GSW.

    In 35000 kms I have gone thru 3-4 sets of Metzeler Tourance Next. I have been very happy with these tyres since they have gripped well in both wet and dry condtions. The compound has been revised since the first set I had. The last set I had around 10k on and they still gripped well even if they started to feel a bit off. The front started to develop a kind of triangular profile from riding the twisties.
    I was planning to get another set of these but they were unavailable at the moment. My second choice of PR4's was also unavailable and my tyre guy suggested me to try the new bridgestones.

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    I went for a first ride on these yesterday. Did Hakone, Ashinoko and Izu Skylines down to Shimoda. Took the Twisty Coast roads 136 and 17 all the way up to Numazu on the way back. A good selection of twisty roads ranging from fast sweepers to more tight turns.
    Weather was fair but with some wet roads in places. Temps around 10-15 degrees.

    First impressions:

    Steering felt slower with more input required to initiate turns. Once leaned over the bike felt stable and it was easy to adjust the lines thru the turns.
    No issues with grip. To be honest I am not sure anyone can or should test this on open roads. I rode at a medium to brisk pace and used all of the rear tyre without pushing it.

    Something I noticed the first time I rode the new GS was how light and "Flighty" the front end felt. Since I never tried the bike with other tyres up until now I thought it was just the character of the bike.

    The A40's makes the front feel different.
    The front tyre seems to filter out more of the feedback. The front feel less nervous and more planted. The trade off is slightly heavier steering.
    Profile is less aggressive on the rear tyre and that will also affect how the bike steers.
    Especially going thru downhill hairpins the bike felt more stable. Rumble strip had a lesser impact on the front end compared to with the Tourances that would have the front end chatter a bit in similar situations.

    I miss the quick steering of the Tourances but I really like how the front feels better damped and planted thru the A40's.

    Not sure which tyres I prefer yet. Curious how the A40's will feel with some miles on them. How will they wear?

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    I also swapped to these tyres on on my super tenre and my expeience is very similar to yours. The bike overall feels much better planted. I ddnt find any significant deterioation in steering. Have done about 4,200 kms and the wear seems slighly lesser than the earlier set of Tourances at similar mark.
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    Default Bridgestone Adventure A40 (vs Tourance Next on a 1200GSW)

    Can't speak much to the A40s. Was thinking to try them a few months back. However after reading some bad reviews on them in Japanese (mainly tire wear and wet performance), I decided to stay with my tourance nexts.

    Coming from the Anakees, I really like the feel of the nexts. The amount of grip is fantastic and the front end on corner entry is excellent as mentioned. I was pretty amazed at how well they grip even after long worn pasts the wear bars! Very good in the wet and also in cold temps. Even when the front is loaded the edge grip is quite good. When i tried this in the past on the Anakee3, the front would often slide. Tire life is not great especially if you're a slabber. If pushed, the nexts do wear quickly. Front seems to wear faster for me. Cost is also on the higher side compared to other offerings. Also the nexts are not much of an offroad tire. They are much more suited for carving up twisties.

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