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Thread: Restoring a vintage Japanese bike

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    Default Restoring a vintage Japanese bike

    Hi All,

    I moved to Singapore and can't seem to shake the bike bug; owning one here is an expensive proposition, but recently met up with a fellow biker that wanted to restore a Japanese bike. Whilst we have a very limited selection of frames and bikes available on the small island, I'm having trouble deciding what to restore.

    A quick search on Google shows the Honda CB and Goldwing being popular, with Kawasaki's KZ and Suzuki GS following closely behind. I'm planning on a resto-mod (am I using that term correctly?) in which we restore the bike not to OEM/Factory but with newer, more reliable parts but yet don't totally change the aesthetic. Maybe a subtle cafe racer or Goldwing Streetfighter (?!).

    Anyone ever done one and have any advice on which models to avoid?


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    I have two Gold Wings GL1000's that we will customise next year. One will end up with the twin webber
    setup. The engines sounds nice and have great torque. Decently priced bikes to modify. The KZ would be the
    easiest of the lot to sell. The GS harder to sell of the bikes you mentioned.

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    How are the GL's coming along?
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