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Thread: Suggestions for 3-4 days trip from Tokyo in March

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    Cool Suggestions for 3-4 days trip from Tokyo in March

    I'll be in Tokyo with my partner in mid March, we live in Sydney.
    We would like to rent a bike (probably a cruiser, we saw they have Bolts at Rental 819, we ride a Yamaha Vstar 650 here) and do a 2 or 3 nights trip. I'd love to go through rural roads and honsen towns, nothing too extreme in terms of roads.
    My questions:
    - how cold is it in March? Would a thick leather jacket be too light? Living in Australia we don't have heavy gear, we would have to buy it.
    - how long will it take us to get out of Tokyo?
    Any itinerary suggestions would be appreciated.
    Julia & Stefano

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    I consider the March weather to be pleasant, but I'm from Canada. I think Australians would say "F'ing cold".

    The temperature is highly dependent on altitude, and altitude is dependent on direction. Southwest along the coast will not change, straight west will run into Yamanashi and Nagano where there will still be lots of snow.

    Onsen ( not honsen ) towns are all over the place ranging from sea level to high up - depends entirely on the local geography. you will have to be more specific but you will not have problems finding one.

    Departing Tokyo takes between 30 and 180 minutes from the center of town (Tokyo station) depending on direction, expressway or regular road, and what you consider to be "out". There isn't that line where the urban sprawl stops (houses on one side, cows on the other), the buildings just get less dense.

    Google Earth (program, not website) is your best friend here.

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    My suggestions:
    - When you pick your days, make them weekdays if possible, and give a wide berth to the long weekend 19th-21st.
    - A leather jacket might be too light if you get up into the mountains, but should be OK closer to sea level in March. I use a windproof, water resistant kevlar jacket with a removable inner layer.
    - You might also want to consider taking a plane or shinkansen to another part of Japan, and riding there instead.. Shikoku or Kyushu maybe?

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    G'day Stefano,
    Good advice from the two replies I reckon, definitely don't want to go under equipped or it won't be as much fun.
    Depending on your size I may be able to help with some riding gear that are my spares.Anyway PM me if you can't find another solution.Hope you have a great time in Japan.

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