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Thread: Take a bike to the US?

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    Default Take a bike to the US?

    What's the process to get a bike you buy in Japan to the US? I'm looking at a Yamaha R25 or a R6 from Red Baron. Is it impossible? Is there a list somewhere of bikes that can be taken back?

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    I've done it twice and it wasn't terribly difficult either time. As I recall there was just a customs form that had to be filled out to ship it and I had to deregister it first.

    The hard part is getting it registered in the US, and that varies state by state, so you will have to check with your local state laws for where you intend to ship it or where you are a resident.
    If you buy a US spec R6 from Red Barron (and they can search by US spec), then importing is super easy, all I had to do was take it to a police station and have an officer verify the VIN and that it had an EPA sticker on it that said it was US legal. When I brought a Japanese spec bike back, I ran into more issues and never ended up getting it registered, the process becomes much more complicated then and varies by state. I do recall I had to get a certified translation of the deregistration paperwork to show proof of ownership for the DMV.

    So, key points.
    - Buy US spec if possible
    - Look for the EPA stickers, that makes it easy
    - Check state for minimum milage, you may have to pay state sales tax if you bring a new bike with under so many miles into the state.
    - Get translation of deregistration paperwork that shows you as the owner.

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    Which shipping company would you recommend? Looking to ship a Triumph I inherited from Kunitachi to Honolulu.
    Any guidance much appreciated. Yoroshiku.

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