There is an inexpensive EGT solution out there. It's been posted on MA previously. I ordered one of these as a test. It showed up quickly, but then I applied 12 volts to it from a moto battery it smoked. :( Also the lead is too short to use even on a moped.

I also ordered a Stage6 EGT gauge/sensor. These are quite nice. And having using one for a short while now I can say these are a good buy. I got it from Maxiscoot during their Easter sale. These are made for Stage6 by Koso, but are a lot less money than the Koso EGT gauge.

If you are also looking for H2O temp gauges Koso makes some nice small gauges that work well. You get get them in C or F (don't know why they don't make a switch--probably costs). These are nice because they light up, and you can seen them an night. But you do need to power them. The range is 0-120C, or 32-248F.
You can also get a CHT sensor for these. They usually come with 5 replaceable plug ends in case they wear out. These are rated to 150C, and the temp sensors top out at 120C, so it may not be a great match. Although on the TrailTech I use 116C seems to be the Max I've seen on my bikes--so far. TT claims a range of -40-300C/575F for their TTO. Koso also has one that will go to 250C.
Here's the current setup on the GPR. I'll probably replace the TTO with a Koso when it breaks, but it is nice to have at least one gauge independent of the bikes power system. ;)