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    Guys any advice on Yamaha's 250 Serow Touring. I like the looks and the touring package that Yamaha added to it.

    However, specs indicate that's she's a little on the weak side with only a single valve air cooled 250 pumping out 19 bhp.

    Wondering if it can really cruise with gear on the hwy at 90 to 100k.

    Any thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.

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    I haven't ridden the new one. I've ridden the older model. I think you will be able to cruise on the expressway just fine at 90-110. If you were going to be doing it for more than a couple of hours and more than one day in a row, you would probably wish you had something bigger. It will also be scary with strong crosswinds.

    All that being said, I would not hesitate to recommend a touring serow as a good bike for touring in Japan. Especially if you learn how to avoid the big ugly national roads in favor of the lovely backroads.

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