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Thread: Oogata conversion tomorrow

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    Default Oogata conversion tomorrow

    Any hints or saitama specific cheats? I remember the nightmare driving test in Shikoku and it gives me a little ptsd...I mean they failed me for looking TOO often and for not announcing my head movements followed by a firm "YOSH!".

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    Default Oogata conversion tomorrow

    Passed on the second try.

    Here's the best advice after being through this process twice doing it the hard way and the easy way.

    When I got my car license 8 years ago or something the people running the show recommended I buy 10 hours practice time up front or something like that. About 500.00usd. I said bah...who needs that. After taking the test about 7 times each with a sillier fail than the last...I got the pass on number 8. After conferring with other passers the same day we spent an average of 600.00usd on the process. Basically it's a bribe.

    This time I figured I'd give it a go right off. Disaster. I followed the map exactly which doesn't exactly match the road ending up going the wrong way on a 2+2. So I took the practice day. Granted it got me comfortable on the funky 1300 vs my Ktm 450 six days...more importantly it got a little card and several more ink stamps on my application. I think this translated into either "paid his dues" or "put some effort in and we feel comfortable passing you easier". I almost made a wrong turn and several missed looks as well as probably going too slow and my signal timing was probably a little off....but still passed.

    Moral of the the practice day, it helps more than the obvious bike time. It's another revenue stream for the station....feed the beast and live on.

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    Default Oogata conversion tomorrow

    I passed my car MT on the 2nd try ( everyone fails the first ) and I was able to transfer over my us license to the chugata and then took the ogata failed. Then took 2 hours of lessons test specific @3,500 per hour w/JAF discount and then retook the test 3rd time was a charm.
    It's all a racket most all the testers are retired cops some can't even ride but it's basically to keep them employed lol...
    Hey if you mr going to live in a different country ya got to pay to play.... Just the way it is.
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