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Thread: Shaken grief...

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    Default Shaken grief...

    Hi Guys,

    I'm new to this forum and was just wondering if someone out there is able to give me a steer in the right direction?!

    My custom XJR is in need of a shaken and the guy who built it for me (who would otherwise do it) seems to be booked-up till christmas...

    Here's a link to the bike:

    I'm no expert but i'm guessing there's a range of things that will need to be done to get it through the exam, so i'm hoping to find a reliable english speaking mechanic who can pick-up / drop-off in Minato-ku.

    Any good recommendations / or advice on how to get this sorted would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Shaken grief...

    Do you Have all your paperwork from last time?
    Found the shaken yourself is no biggie. Check brake pads lights tire tread ect...
    If you don't have time or are fearful to do it your self I'd suggest contacting APEX Moto ( Jav on this site) I'm sure he could help you out.
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    It's the first one since the build, so no...

    Thanks though, i'll drop Jav a line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NARP View Post
    It's the first one since the build, so no...

    Thanks though, i'll drop Jav a line.
    Where are you located? Apexmoto can undo/redo mods for shaken.
    Does not look too difficult. Nice bike!

    08054029004 or
    Apexmoto Inc - Dyno tuning, engine/chassis/suspension upgrades, repairs, shaken, tires & changing with balancing, graphics printing, stickers, media blasting, painting & powder coating.

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    Wow it's gorgeous!

    Click image for larger version. 

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