Sorry I first posted this on the wrong section (New on the block). My apologies.

So here's my story:

So, my dreams of owning and driving a bike seems fading away, well maybe for 2 years, for now...

New member here. Been living in Japan for 5 years. Moved to a new house in a different prefecture and bought a car.
A week after driving the shiny new car, I got rear-ended but no damage to both parties. So other party was let go by the Police we were told to sort it out with our insurance. Exchanged contact info and he was given the q to go away.

Rookie police seems confused what to do with me since I was using an IDP. So he admits and tells me he's a rookie and needs to call back up. Asked what's the problem, he doesn't say anything. After 20 mins backup arrives, 1 police car, 1 police motorcycle and 1 big ass police van. About 10 officers surrounded me. My personal belongings in my pocket are confiscated (except my phone). One old police guy asked if I have a gun with me. WTF??? Why would I need a gun here? I asked. Then I was frisked without being asked. MY stuff put inside the box. My car was searched by two poliec guys, every space was checked including my tools etc ( i suspect they think I have drugs with me).

Old police tells me this, NICE Car, is it really yours or is it stolen? WTF again? (But I remained calm). Told him the younger polie guy checked the registration and insurance and it is under my name. Asked what was going on - NO ANSWER.

So I was brought to the accident area and I was asked to stand where I was driving, they took a photo without letting me know. NExt I was escorted nect to may car, had another photo ops. Asked again what's going on (in japanese) NO ONE ANSWERS. They told me they need my passport and I said I don't have it with me, also telling them you guys have my gaijin card so you can check I am a resident.

I was held on the roadside for about an hour getting uneasy. Then police guy said we need to go to our new house. So I went to the driver seat and waited (thought one of them would be my passenger). I was told by the old guy I cannot drive and he will drive instead. We went home took passports and we rode to the police station. Keep asking what's going on, but no one tells me. They kept asking me where I work, who's the CEO, asked if I knew someone Japanese that can come to station and attest to my existence here in Japan as legal. I said no, we just moved here and I don't know anyone who can be bothered right now. Most of them are in Tokyo. They keep asking he same thing but i kept mentioning no one is available. They googled my company, and tried to call the CEO! Told the old guy why would he do that? He said he needs to verify if I was really working there. Told him for things like that, you don't call the CEO (idiot!). Told him today is sunday in case he doesnt know and no one is inthe office. I eventually gave our heads personal cell and they called him. After two hours police interpreter told me they verified my employment and that is all ok now. Now the hard part, I was told I am on "Suspicion" of driving without license, I was told if I wasnt married and or lives alone in an apartment with nobody to guarantee me, I would be put in jail waiting trial.

I told him my IDP and License back home is valid, in fact I already applied for conversion and my papers were accepted and just waiting for my scheduled driving test which was scheduled in the next two months. THey said I wasn't out of Japan for 3 months so my international driving permit thought they checked is valid and not fake, but the rule makes me "driving without license". I googled stuff about what he said right away and the reality sanked in! I am being arrested with possible fine, imprisonment and deportation. I began to panic and explainedI didn't know ( I seriously didnt know) the authority who gave me the IDL told me I can drive using this IDP but only for a year and no extension since it is japan. Hence as soon as I got back here with my IDP, I immediately applied for conversion since i heard many horror stories people failing many times and some took more than 6 months taking the tests to get the license. He said he believes me and they said many people they caught didn't know this aswell. I have never driven in japan before. This is the first time I am made aware of this.

So I was escorted and driven back home and they asked my wife to sign a paper (guarantee letter) saying I am on suspicion of unlicensed driving and I would need to be back to the police station a couple more times for the investigation.

I didn't sign on anything about confessing or a confession letter. I asked what kind of investigation will take place etc, they said we would need to go bak to the accident site and like recreate the scenario (I am amazed since no one was hurt and no damages to the vehicles at all. Though I was rear ended, the vehicles just literally touched. The other party was the one quick to call the polie - all is settled now with insurance (insurance said he is at fault too and theere will be no compensation since there was nothing to repair on both).

Now it's been a month and no contact from police or letter came. I've been reading about this but couldn't get any info that can help me ease my anxiety about this issue. Should I call them?

By the way, I failed my driving test (despite practicing on a driving school and having done test fairly well) and need to do it again in the next two months.

Can someone please give advice on what I should do? I was actually planning to acquire a big bike this new year CBR600 or R6 but have changed my mind due to what happened. sorry for the long post and thanks in advance! Pardon my typos.