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Thread: New here and looking for a bike!

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    Default New here and looking for a bike!

    Been in Japan for 10 years almost and finally have the opportunity to get my first bike here.
    Im looking for a Kawasaki Estrella BJ250 Model B or D and found some on Goobike, but the problem is that i live in a small town and all the listed shops are far away.
    I read that Goobike ships the purchased bike to you, or the nearest port or something like that? If anybody have any experience buying through Goobike i would much like to hear about it.
    I dont really have a chance to transport the bike myself, except driving it which would be a major hassle, so i probably need to get it shipped to my location.
    I heard some people used yahoo auction?
    Any information about good websites would be much appreciated!

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    Do you have a Japanese mid-size bike license, for manual transmission?

    Do you have a place to park it? Less of a problem in a small town than central Tokyo but the street usually doesn't work long-term.

    Having a bike delivered is usually not a problem - anyone selling bikes will know who to call. However, if you are buying used the pickup ride will typically take care of any early mechanical issues, and you can have a close look before paying any money. Get it in the morning, drive around the seller's area for a while, then head home at lunchtime.

    Also, it would help a lot if you said where you live.
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    I have large size bike license, was lucky to be able to transfer my swedish one without any problem, but i want to go with a 250cc for budget reasons. Parking is no problem, I'm moving to a house in March so i will have parking and winter storage as well. I live in Nasushiobara, northern Tochigi. I'm gonna try and buy the bike through a shop and not from a private person, had some bad experience buying a bike that broke down within a month before and a shop seems more reliable. If you buy through goobike is the delivery cost included in the price? Or would it be better to contact the shop directly and sort it out that way?
    I was skimming through the forum and found a lot of people recommending apexmoto, so I sent them an email as well.
    Thanks for the reply, its very much appreciated!
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    Very happy Apexmoto customer here. Great service before and after the sale.
    I got the train down to Yamanashi and then rode from there up to Toyama prefecture.

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    +1 for ApexMoto. John can deliver from Yamanashi in his van (for a fee of course).

    If you need to move a bike within Tokyo the shop should be able to help you, but if you do need a mover try this guy:

    Runs his own business. He's a character. From Hokkaido, speaks fluent Japanese, English and French. Will never forget watching him single handedly carried my family size fridge up a set of stairs (I offered to help but he wasn't having any of it)

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    Great, thanks for the tips!
    I'll give ApexMoto a shot and see how it goes.

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    Default New here and looking for a bike!

    Goobike only list bikes posted by different shops. When you make an enquiry through Goobike, it will go straight to the store. Price doesnt include delivery, but all shops can arrange it for you at a fee. They will also arrange the registration papers and plates for your bike, even if you are on a different prefecture.

    Based on my experience, second hand stores do not allow you to test the bike, and some even wont let you start the engine. So if you find a good deal far away, discuss the warranty terms and go for it.

    I have bought two bikes through ads in goobike and never had an issue.

    Another alterntive is Redbaron. They have an extensive network, although prices may be a bit higher.

    Good luck!

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    What day is it?


    Nice area to live for riding.

    Seems it might be the specific bike you are looking for which is limiting your access? Must be a number of dealers in around Utsunomiya that would give you opportunity see bikes in your size, style, and price range, but if stuck on the Estrella it limits you.

    Maybe Apex or others can sort something coming through an auction etc., especially if not in a hurry (not sure a lot of snow on the ground up there or when you're personal riding season starts).

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    I've bought two bikes from Apexmoto
    & couldn't be happier.Highly recommend
    their service & backup.Maybe you can ask them about other bike choices within your budget.
    Good luck with everything & welcome to the forum.

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