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Thread: Where to buy parts on a budget?

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    Question Where to buy parts on a budget?

    Hey there,
    I want to do an oil change and a brake pad + brake fluid change on my 2012 Ninja 400R.

    In my home country it's easy, I know all the cheap but still reliable brands, often so called house-brands of a certain store. Is there anything like that in e.g. Naps motorcycle store?

    I don't speak any Japanese and whenever I go there they usually try to sell me the expensive stuff. As a daily commuter, I definitely won't need the racing oil for a hundred dollars but I also don't wanna end up buying some crap.


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    Small jar of brake fluid (300ml or so), branded like Honda etc. is around 1000 yen. That's sufficiently cheap that it's not worth your time shopping around. And just in case you don't know, don't buy a large can and store it for next time. Brake fluid absorbs water from the air and should always be used fresh. One of the small bottles should do one of the brake systems.

    Can't help with the pads - I get mine from the dealer as they are an odd size. I also don't care about the 3,500 they cost. I roll maker-specific and shop installed parts into the same order.

    Personally I don't think the cheap oil is worth the price. Good lubrication = good engine life. I use Mobil 1 synthetic, yes it's expensive, but again 3l per year isn't going to break the bank. Bike #2 went from 30km/l to 35 after switching to synthetic and the bike lasted 120,000km to the double amazement of the dealer - once for lasting that long and again for me actually driving it that much. Wear and tear on the accessories was the reason for replacement, not any issues with the engine itself.

    Oil (all types) is available at car shops both in larger cans and much lower price per litre. But be warned - bike oil is really not the same. I do use the car version of Mobil 1, purchased in 3L cans at the local Autobacs, but I ride a scooter and the oil is just lubricating the engine (same as a car). If your bike uses the same oil for the engine and the transmission then the oil is different - more of a hybrid between engine oil and transmission fluid. The gears in the transmission will quickly degrade regular engine oil, and a new gearbox will cost a lot more than you saved on the recycled oil from Don Quixote.

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    Home centers (DIY) have cheaper branded bike oil ( Honda ) 2 & 4 stroke
    Look for the (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) JASO MA mark

    The JASO T904-MA and MA2 are the Jpns standards to identify oils approved for wet clutches specifically
    MA to MA2 identifies a reduction in the level of key anti-wear additives in the oil, which is mostly in current car oils.

    Ask around if anyone has a JP yahoo acct, brake pads are cheap enough there.

    strap your clutch lever in when you change the oil, itll allow all the oil to drain out from between the plates

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    Default Where to buy parts on a budget?

    The best place I have found to get oil and brake pads tires for small bikes and such is a place called custom Japan
    It's web presence only so if you Google them you'll find it in they have good prices and they deliver very quickly.
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