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    Default Honda AX-1 FCR

    Hi and greetings from Athens.I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I have become quite desperate.

    I have a Honda AX-1 and recently a FCR 33 came into my possession.
    The thing is,it is quite troublesome to set up and after a month of testing it seems impossible.

    Then I found this:

    So this means there must be a proper set up for the bike.
    I emailed both webike and JB and they say they can't make the settings public.

    So my question is if anyone from Japan has that carb or help me in any way to set it up.


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    Default Honda AX-1 FCR

    Sorry, try the AX-1 group on facebook. The bike is the same as the NX 250 btw.

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