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Thread: Little Indian in Aichi

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    Default Little Indian in Aichi

    Had some great weather this weekend in Toyohashi area. I traveled out as far as Hamamatsu on the east and Nagoya on the west. had some great runs. 100k each day with lazy rides,,,mostly.

    Just to give some information about the Indian:
    1. Scout 60 (9XXcc) V-twin OHC, 5-spd
    2. pulls strong in the lower gears and when pushed past 4k rpm starts feeling the OHC cams making the V sing to >120... though takes some getting used to the speedo as it is non-linear.
    3. problems:
    a. F-ing Kenda tires feel like mush and can't do rain at all! (getting Pirelli Night dragons!)
    b.Front suspension soft and rear hard (?) fortunatly Im heavy so the rear only needs a tweak. but if your slight build, recommend getting better rear shocks.

    Overall; I still love it! if your in Toyohashi and see a Indian pass's me.
    Ill post some photos in the gallery as soon as i degrade them,,,i mean make them small enough to fit....

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    Dragons are good tires.Take some pics next time you are out riding ;)
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