I rode down to 236 today. I was planning on going to the track, but didn't finish the bike so I decided that I was still going to go riding. My buddy Shawn was going to go with, but he was conscripted into helping a friend move. Oh well! \_(ツ)_/

The bike ran really well. I'm blown away by how much fun I can have on this bike. The weather was perfect, and the roads mostly clear of debris. There was a little bit of traffic on the way down 1, but other than that there wasn't anything that I couldn't easily get around.

236 is actually quite a distance from my place, and of course I didn't want to take a direct route. I ended up taking 1 to Stage, then Pescadero to Alpine, and then 35 to 9 to 236. It was a nice twisty route. Once in Bolder Creek I did the usually stop at the Foster's Freeze for lunch. The way back was more direct, but I went back through 236 again. It's like a kart track. I'm seriously befuddled as to why it's not just crawling with young kids doing laps on their minis.

First gas stop.

Entering Stage. Last year they repaved Stage. It was totally awesome for about three weeks, and then they chip sealed it. Most of the gravel from the seal has been driven off, and it's actually a fun road again--but nothing like when it was in kart track mode last year!

At the south end of Stage is the little Mexican restaurant/minimart/gas station. It usually takes a bit longer there due to the line, but I like that it's a mom and pop shop so I usually buy gas there.

Right after Stage is Pescadero. Super fun road. I actually enjoy this road on both the little bikes and the big bikes. This photo is at the East end where it meets up with Alpine.

Alpine is one of the more tight twisty roads in the mountains. There is a peak/ intersection where people usually stop and hang out a bit. Nice place to snap a photo too.

On the East side of Alpine I saw someone had ridden off the road. I actually knew some of the riders. The crasher was mostly okay. He would have been totally fine if he wore a bit more gear. His knee got chewed up a bit, and his R6 went over the edge. It's the blue bike in the second photo.

Another famous spot--Four Corners. This is where 35 and 9 meet up. There's a nice swoopy curve from 35 South to 9 West, but I skipped it for this Kodac Moment.

After The Nine, is 236--the total jewel of the mountain! I didn't stop much for photos because, well, it's just too much fun riding 236! The road is also known as Big Basin because of the Big Basin Park. Yup many tall redwoods to be seen.

After 236 it's back to 9 for a short hop to The Freeze.

After lunch it's gas up at the American on 9 and 236, then back up 236!

On the way home I did a quick pit stop at STP. For people keeping count I did four gas stops. Each time I got around a gallon. Sometimes a little more, some times a little less. I probably used about three and a half for the whole trip.