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Thread: How long to get an ETC card?

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    Default How long to get an ETC card?

    As per the title really.

    Have to go on a long ride in a couple of weeks and was wondering if I have time to get an ETC card fitted.

    Am I too late?

    Cheers, Dunedin

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    Do you have a credit card issued by a Japanese bank? If yes, call them and say "I want...". ETC card should arrive promptly.

    If you don't have a credit card issued by a Japanese bank then there's no way you will get one in 2 weeks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dunedin View Post
    ... wondering if I have time to get an ETC card fitted
    That one word indicates some confusion in the process.

    There are 3 components to the ETC system:

    - the card reader, which is installed in your vehicle and not normally considered transferrable between vehicles. Exceptions exist. This device determines how much you pay, which is one of the reasons it's not normally transferrable. Put a car unit in a bike and you pay too much. Do it the other way and they get interested in you for theft.

    - the ETC card itself. The card determines whose credit card gets billed for the toll. The card is designed to be transferrable between vehicles.

    - a credit card, issued by a bank that supports the ETC system.

    If you do not have an ETC machine in your bike right now, go to any large bike accessory store and say "I want...". Unlikely they will do it right then, unlikely it will take weeks. Expect to pay about Y50,000

    Having the card by itself is only marginally useful. You can use it at a manned toll gate, but you can also use a regular credit card the same way.

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    Great explanation thanks.

    Turns out my wife has an ETC card so all I need to get fitted is the unit.

    50k! Total extortion. That's Japan I guess :)

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    A car unit in a box is about 10,000. Dedicated bike units are about 25,000. The website price for installation seems to have come down, a quick check on prices says you can get it installed for 40k.

    That's for a bike model. Kei car units will work fine (despite the protests of the bike shop staff that will claim it will all but explode when you go through the gate) and pay the same rate - using a kei car model was common before they came out with a bike unit.

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    Default How long to get an ETC card?

    Check Nankai they often run ERC deals I had gotten a new bike unit from them installed for 30,000 which is a decent price fir new.
    Another choice is getting a used unit off yahoo auctions or check with Jav at Apex moto here on the forum.
    With the exception of the new one I got for the cbr all my other bikes I bought used for under 10,000 and installed myself.
    Just some more info for you 👍
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    Cheers guys, meant to reply earlier but got snowed with work. Thanks for all the info - really helpful.

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