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Thread: Sorting out tax before selling

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    Default Sorting out tax before selling

    Hi folks,

    So I got my ride mid way through this year and am looking to sell it before I head home in Feb. Just wanted to make sure I've got everything ticked off for the next buyer.

    The shaken is valid until june next year, and the annual auto tax was paid by the previous owner in march, before i bought it. So does that mean that when I sell it, I just straight hand over the 'proof of payment of auto tax' / jidosha nofu shomeisho (along with shaken etc) that the prev owner gave me? And that I dont actually end up paying any auto tax myself (other than what i paid at transferring into my name) as what he paid has covered it until next march?

    Or have I missed something and need to go pay tax before I sell it?


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    I wish I could answer that, but it is an interesting question. My understanding, based on having bought and sold a bike per year for the five years I've been here (!), is that you are liable to pay tax on a bike that you own on April 1st of a given year. I'm interested to know how that relates to the facts you state. Sounds like one I would ask the town office staff.

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    yep, thats my understanding too! just want to try and get some confirmation if possible :)

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