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Thread: Best Tokyo dealer for Honda parts/accessories?

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    Default Best Tokyo dealer for Honda parts/accessories?

    Greetings. As you may have seen in my other thread, I'm a California Africa Twin rider who's visiting Tokyo next week.

    One thing I was hoping to do was find the low version of the Honda OEM seat in the blue/black colorway (for the tricolor AT). This is not a part that is available in the US and I have not been successful in sourcing it from the usual European dealers. I believe I saw this seat last week in a Thai Honda dealer and was hoping to purchase one in Japan for shipping back home.

    Can anyone suggest the best dealership in Tokyo for purchases like this (if this idea is at all viable)?

    NB: I speak almost no Japanese, though I do have friends in Tokyo who do.


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    Haneda Honda (near Haneda airport) may be able to assist you in English. Perhaps your friend in Tokyo could inquire and if they can, provide you with the contact information. Unless your friend can adequately discuss what you are trying to do...

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