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Thread: tourokushousho Where to get one?

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    Default tourokushousho Where to get one?

    Hello Riders and Happy New Year

    i will be getting the ferry to Vladivostok next Summer and after reading former posts and wiki on this forum headed to my local police station (no) and then driving licence office to get the tourokushousho registration document.

    I was was told only Kanagawa transport bureau (I live in Yokohama) could process one for me, but it seems this document is for bikes 3 years or older, a kind of like a MOT in the UK or a roadworthy certificate elsewhere.

    Has anybody had experiance getting this form? Any advice appreciated

    cheers. James

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    The drivers license center has nothing whatsoever to do with vehicle registration.

    You go here:

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    Visited today and picked up the forms.

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