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Thread: If liquid? is leaking from the engine frame...

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    Default If liquid? is leaking from the engine frame...

    I looking at a bike (used and old, maybe late 80's CBX Honda 125cc) that the owner would maybe like to sell me, but I notice liquid on the upper engine frame. What would that be, oil or gas? I tried to smell it but couldn't notice a gas smell. Also the area is dirty with an oily feel.

    Its right above what looks like a seal in the center of the engine.

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    That bike is ancient, and probably loaded with problems. You don't have your license yet. If you don't know enough about how to detect a leak or determine what it is, wait for:

    1) license in hand.
    2) another that doesn't have a leak.

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    We have indulged you in pointless discussions of several piece of shit bikes you want us to help you consider, even though you don't have a license to ride them or the money to buy them. We've been hearing about your licence plans for how long? A year or more?

    I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but you're going to burn people out if you keep doing this shit. When it finally really is time to help you out on a bike that you might actually buy, you're going to find out nobody pays any attention because they think it's just some more of your pointless bullshit (like when we all got burned on the Iridium spark plug nonsense).

    Go get your fucking license already instead of fucking talking about it fucking forever. It ain't that big a deal. An "adventurous" guy would have a little thing like that knocked out in no time flat instead of spending a year talking about it but never doing anything about it. Take your ass to the license center or take your ass to driving school. Who gives a shit? Just DO one or the other already instead of TALKING it to death.

    You don't have the first clue about motorcycles or anything mechanical, so you have NO business buying some ancient ragged out piece of shit. Here's a hint for you....the bike you're looking at probably needs repairs for which the LABOR charges alone are going to be more than what he wants for the bike. You don't remember getting a similar fucking on the scooter you bought and adventurously hid from your wife? The one where you immediately had to spend 50% of the purchase price on parts and repairs? Probably the same guy at the same bike shop, isn't it? Yeah, I guarantee he wants to sell you the bike. You, or anybody else stupid enough to buy it thinking they're getting a reliable piece of transportation out of the deal.

    I have a deaf friend who only buys new cars because he has no way of judging for himself if there might be something wrong with a used car. He can't hear any noises they make. You have no way of knowing what you're looking at. Buy new. I have given you links before to new 125cc bikes which cost less than the pieces of shit you ask our opinions about. (Links I suspect you never looked at, by the way).

    Go get your license. Quit wasting your time and everybody else's with window shopping two-wheeled turds.

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