Don't laugh, My body was plenty warm but my ears and hands were frozen after spending the morning filming in Yamanashi!!!

We're doing a 15% off KickStarter campaign for one of out new heated shirts. (7.4V battery pack and charger included)
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This is a V-Neck Long Sleeve WITHOUT glove connectors so ideal for while off the bike and for those who don't need/want heated gloves.

The optional Multi-voltage remote setup lets you use it on the 12V bike battery (so you're not limited by the 7.4V battery) and gives you total dial control via the remote. (you can always buy the remote setup later if you decide you need it)

BTW, we separated this 7.4V oriented gear from 12V Warm & Safe gear with this new ALL MIGHTY brand because there was confusion between the 7.4V/12V compatibility and whatnot. Same great gear and quality builds that we stand behind, just some new branding. (will have a showroom in Kawaguchi setup shortly)

I'm working on totally new websites and such right now but as always, I'm available anytime for questions, comments, or suggestions.