On Monday I went to the shop where I store my scooter, (and bought it also) but it was closed. I thought it was odd. Well, since he lets me store it in the garage I couldn't ride it for the day.
On Tuesday I returned and he was sitting down and looking depressed. Apparently he had spent the time in the hospital. He told me he had to sell or rent his newly built shop with garage. At first he didn't tell me why.
Anyway we got to talking (using google translate) and I told him about a health issue I had, an issue where I woke up on the operating table at the hospital here some years ago. I guess now he knows why he always sees me walking around town or on the bicycle.
Well, he show'd through sign language that he has heart disease. A disease that won't allow him to work any longer. I felt so sorry for the person who helped me buy my scooter, for he knew the difficulty it was for me, and yet now his whole life changed over the weekend.
I mentioned to him I'll help him move and he kindly said that I can store my scooter at his garage/garden area at his house which is just a few minutes away. I thought that was very kind of him.

I believe he always felt bad that after I bought my scooter from him for 30000 yen, it soon broke down. Total cost was 58000 yen, but it takes me to where I want to go these days with no problem.

I do hope that he can get well. And I will remain friends with him.