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Thread: URGENT!!! Frame/body number

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    Exclamation URGENT!!! Frame/body number

    Hi Guys,

    I've been a happy driver of my cbr600rr for allmost 4 year but recently i was stopped by police for documents check and they were surprised by the way the frame number was written on the frame. see last 2 digits are higher than others. I was sent to techical inspection and they said that this is very strange (see probably frame number was overwritten... (don't ask me how this moto was imported into russia and etc....). Anyway they said that well there should besymbols in the beginning and end of the frame number like * or [] but i don't have them. they said that if i'll show them that Japanese bikes don't have the symbols (see image 2 - they will approve this check. Else... i'll have troubles.

    Pls if someone who was cbr600 or cbr1000 have a frame number pls send it to me in direct or by mail - lpfan (AT)

    Thx a lot in advance!

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    I don't think anyone is going to send a copy of their frame number to you because it could be put on another bike. You'll have to find some more official documentation about it.

    My bike is a 1989 Honda and their are no symbols before or after the frame number. It is exactly like yours.

    Also, it is odd, but the numbers are not in precise alignment, especially the last two. Not as bad as your numbers though. Every lot of 2 numbers seem to be stamped separately from the others. They don't stamp the whole number at once.

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    This should be a legitimate request to a honda dealer to get documentation.

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