My Golden Week trip could have gone a little smoother. Spent a couple of days chasing my shipped luggage (which included some of my motorcycle gear) around Tokyo. Customs finally caught it before it was sent back to the U.S. and transferred it back to my local post office. Then I caught a germ and was sick for three days. Finally got through all of that and rented the MT-07 from Japan Bike Rentals so I could visit a friend in Shizuoka.

My buddy has started a new shop in Shizuoka called King Kustom Bike Japan. His personal ride is a Triumph Speedmaster that he's stylized. His current project is a Harley Dyna Glide. Anyway, he led me around some nice spots in Shizuoka that I hadn't seen before. The first part of the clip is going up to and down from Nihondaira Park on the Shimizu Nihondaira Parkway. The second part is heading north on 209, going towards Gyokuro No Sato in Fujieda-shi.

I have a bunch more helmet camera footage, this is just what I've edited together so far.

The song is from a friend's indie band called "bias", based in Tokyo. Song title is "The Original Sin".