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Thread: Tokyo -> Izu this wkend! (6/2 & 6/3)

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    Default Tokyo -> Izu this wkend! (6/2 & 6/3)

    Hey all,

    Im passing through Tokyo for work and rented a motorcycle for this weekend.

    A friend of mine has a beach house in Shimoda, Shizuoka, Izu peninsula, so Iíll spend the night there on Saturday.

    2 Questions:
    1) Whats the best way to get there from Ueno?
    I was told Hakone Skyline to Izu Skyline is some of the best in the world. How should I get to the top of Hakone Skyline? Do I just take the Highway and which exit should it be? Are there better local roads to take from TKY to Hakone?

    Google Maps says is a 3-4hr ride to where Im going. I dont mind taking the long way there, as long as I arrive before it gets dark.
    If anyone has a link to a google map route that would be ideal!

    2) Anyone going for a ride tomorrow?!
    Or are there any regularly scheduled group rides that I can attach myself to for at least a little while?
    Weather will be perfect!

    I've been riding for over 15 year, only sportbikes and track (R6 & Daytona 675).
    For this weekend I rented a MT-09 which Iíve been looking forward to checking out.

    Either way Im super stoked for this trip!

    Chris from NYC
    You can also find me on & with the same username.

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    The 3-hour route you found on google will likely be all expressways and the fastest route out of Tokyo. There really aren't any better routes to southwest Kanagawa. If you have a passenger you can't use the Tokyo expressway.

    Once you get to Atsugi, take the exit for the Odawara-Atsugi road and follow it to the end (warning: very popular for speed traps on weekends).

    This road will let you into the Hakone Turnpike (also popular with the popo), and from there the Izu Skyline, route 414, then Shimoda.

    Google map route

    You can reverse the route coming back or follow the coast road. Go up the west side of Izu to Numazu (then the Tomei home) or the east side to Atami, where you go uphill to Hakone and then the Hakone Turnpike again. Odawara on Sunday evening is a traffic disaster.

    Similarly, approaching the Atsugi interchange may produce a massive traffic jam. Get off one or two exits before Atsugi and use 246 until at least Machida.

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    Thanks man.
    Very helpful stuff!

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