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    Triumph Street Triple, had stood for a couple of months because of license suspension. Battery was fully charged on a tender. It was fine last week, started with no trouble. The starter motor sounds fine, fuel pump is priming (can hear it). Full tank of fresh high octane fuel.

    This morning it took a few cranks more than usual to start, but after warming up a bit I filled with fresh fuel, started again fine. After work today, no dice. Lifted up the tank, but couldn't see anything amiss, nothing obviously disconnected.

    Had to taxi to an appointment. Current plan is to wheel it to the shop but any ideas? I'm thinking maybe blockage from crud in the bottom of the tank, or a loose or faulty sensor (side stand or tilt sensor?) But I'm no mechanic, just speculating here.

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    Turns out I can get a free tow on my insurance. Sending it to my regular shop tomorrow.

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    Turns out the pickup sensor on the stator died :( Seems to be a fairly common issue on some Triumph models. This bike has been great, but so many electrical gremlins.

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    Thanks for your account. It's always helpful hear problems and the results.

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    Thanks, nice to know I'm not just talking to myself :)

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