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Thread: Bringing a bike vs Buying one in Japan

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    Default Bringing a bike vs Buying one in Japan

    Is there a difference from importing a bike and going through emissions and buying a used bike in Japan and going through Shaken?

    Also how much does the shaken cost if you do it on your own vs the cost of emissions on an imported bike if you get it tested on your own?

    if I bring a 250cc from the States will it be easy to register?

    what are the main issues buying a bike in Japan and bringing it back to the states after you PCS?

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    Default Bringing a bike vs Buying one in Japan

    First if you buy a 250cc bike there is NO Shaken so on that alone it is tremendously cheaper to buy here rather than import from the states.
    Now if you got a bike that needs Shaken self Shaken is not difficult. I ride a 900cc bike do my own Shaken and the last time it was 22,000 all said and done.
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