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Thread: What is a good STRONG glue for plastic

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    Default What is a good STRONG glue for plastic

    My motorcycle luggage (Hepco and Becker) has a crack in it that flexes as I drive. Worst case is that the whole thing comes crashing off on the highway. Can anyone recommend a good glue (available on Amazon would be best). I have some Bond Quick 5 (ボンドクイックセットクイック5) that didn't work. It stuck but came loose on the first ride.
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    There are lots of glues at the hardware. Epoxy glues are usually the strongest.

    You'll have to work out what type of plastic you have (most glue anything, but foams and some other plastics are hard to glue). The packets say what they will and won't glue.

    Best if you put up a picture, but only gluing the joint won't be good enough. You'll have to have some backing to the joint so as to provide stiffness and more area for the glue to work.

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    If its flexing, prob glue wont do it, nor welding, as its only superficial. Can you put a shaped plate over the area and pin it or rivet it?

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