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Thread: Kawasaki Ninja 400R Special Edition

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    Exclamation Kawasaki Ninja 400R Special Edition

    Hey guys,

    it is time for me to leave Japan, so I am selling my Ninja 400R SE.
    In my opinion the perfect bike for Japan, suitable for daily driving as well as for longer tours.

    2012 Kawasaki Ninja 400R Special Edition
    new front brake pads
    tires and chain only 1500km
    regular oil/liquid changes
    23000 miles / 36800 km

    - adjustable "Woodcraft" sport bar
    - LED-backlight with integrated indicators (currently unplugged)
    - external LED-indicators
    - small license plate holder
    - Crash-Pads/Frame-Sliders left and right side
    - almost new rainproof cover
    - good amount of tools
    - chain lubricant, brake cleaner and some other useful things
    - Shaken until November 2018

    Starts within a second, no matter the temperature outside and is in technically great condition. The fairing has some scratches but no cracks or anything crazy. Always kept under the roof behind my house.

    250.000 Yen
    Send me a message.

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    Where are you located?

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    In Yokohama, close to Azamino Station.

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