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    Yeah gidday.

    I'm Jay, living in Yokohama (close to Tama Plaza in Aoba Ward, so nowhere near Yokohama station). I'm a New Zealander who lived here previously, recently returning from a 2 year stint in S. California where I rode a Diavel. Liked it so much I bought one here. I sometimes ride out to Shonan, up around Mt Tanzawa, occasionally over Yamanakako way, and various other spots in between. Thinking about doing the Venus Line but will wait for cooler weather. In the meantime I'll keep an eye out here for rides to join. If anyone lives in the area and is up for a pint sometime, feel free to drop me a line.


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    Cheers Jay, most of my local day riding is from between the Kanagawa RT35 / Uenohara area up around Tochigi / Gunma. Living near Nishi Tokyo. Originally from Mission Bay Auck. KTM 1290 SDR. Good riding not far from you, atm not too car crowded

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