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Thread: Safety Gear?

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    Default Safety Gear?

    I have a winter leather and summer textile jacket. Both I am happy with.

    I um..... have outgrown my riding pants. I am debating if I should get a larger pair.

    I don't do track racing or anything but I am always afraid of going down and getting road rash. I also have about 100 hours worth of time put into my my leg tattoos. They are 100% covered. I kind of want to protect that "investment."

    I ride a good bit, a 200-300km a week and I am going to do maybe 1500km extra this summer.

    RS Tachi makes some decent riding pants. But they are just nylon. I don't see anything about it being a special textile for road rash protection. It has rubber knee and hip protectors. 20,000 yen for my size

    What about those plastic knee and shin guard protectors. I used to have some when I first started riding. They were cheap and looked really dumb, but they gave my peace of mind that I would keep my knee if I fell over.

    Thoughts? What do y'all use on your lower half?

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    I like Komine.
    In their jackets and pants they seems to have better included protectors than RS Taichi and other brands.
    I can't find what I've got on the net, they are winter pants, but have hard protection in the knees, coccyx area, and soft protection in the hips and thigh.
    No good for the middle of summer, but many of the mesh pants don't look durable enough to me. I think the nylon would hold up.

    Many years ago, someone on this site said their mesh pants just tore up after a fall, and since they have so many seams none have appealed to me much.

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    Default Safety Gear?

    I like banks I gear in the summer w/ hard knee, elbow and shoulder pads. But I also have a couple 2 piece leather riding suits that I wear on trips even in the summer one is a soumy very nice suit and the other is custom made by an American company ADL( Advanced Design Leathers)
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    I use Bohn Armor pants. They work well under textile pants, jeans, etc. Fine for summer riding, even with humidity.

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    God bless Komine for their decent prices and for not putting silly-assed Engrish crap all over their products.

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