I have a winter leather and summer textile jacket. Both I am happy with.

I um..... have outgrown my riding pants. I am debating if I should get a larger pair.

I don't do track racing or anything but I am always afraid of going down and getting road rash. I also have about 100 hours worth of time put into my my leg tattoos. They are 100% covered. I kind of want to protect that "investment."

I ride a good bit, a 200-300km a week and I am going to do maybe 1500km extra this summer.

RS Tachi makes some decent riding pants. But they are just nylon. I don't see anything about it being a special textile for road rash protection. It has rubber knee and hip protectors. 20,000 yen for my size

What about those plastic knee and shin guard protectors. I used to have some when I first started riding. They were cheap and looked really dumb, but they gave my peace of mind that I would keep my knee if I fell over.

Thoughts? What do y'all use on your lower half?