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Thread: New rider in Shibuya

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    Default New rider in Shibuya


    I am Renaud, 35yo french living in Shibuya since one year and will stay until 2020.
    I didn't had yet opportunity to ride here, but will make my first rent on a New Z900 RS next september.
    Considering to buy one soon, hesitating between SRX600, R1-Z or any iconic bike hard to find in France, preferably 2 stroke or big mono.

    I would like to ride on track as well at least once, if any guy arround the block has good advices, please feel free to share.

    In France, I own 2 bikes :
    - RD350LC (So called RZ350R here), which I mostly use for track days

    - GPZ 750 Turbo (freaking beast )

    See you soon

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    The GPZ turbo awesome.. John Gavin from APEX Moto, Yamanashi, has just imported one from the states.
    You'll get good advice there on buying a bike and track days.

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