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Thread: こんにちは from German in Japan

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    Hello everyone,

    my name is Thomas, I got the working holiday visa for Japan for one year.
    I'm from Germany, like riding a Yamaha TDM 900 there and am now in contact with John to get a motorcycle (aiming for 250cc to avoid shaken trouble) in the land of the rising sun. First bureaucratic stuff is mastered, I got my drivers license translated. Although it seems the JAF made a mistake as they only marked the class A with limitation of 25kW (got license in 2012), maybe any European / German driver knows about this issue.

    Now I have a question already in my first post: I'm living in Kobe city, but these days traveling in Ibaraki prefecture, not sure when I will come back to Kobe. Obviously I have to get my license plate in Kobe District Transport Bureau. Any ideas how to avoid the long and/or expensive way back to Kobe?

    Thank you and always safe riding,
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    Hi Thomas,
    the translation of your german license should not have other restrictions than your german license. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding due to the wording of the german/euro license, though. Maybe another visit to the JAF can clear that? The German Consulate in Osaka does the translation as well... but it's about 4000Yen and takes 1-2 weeks so you need to go there twice (and beware, they're closed on japanese AND german public holidays. guess how I found out..hahaha). Having said that, bigger bikes aren't always better here... Enjoy!

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