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Thread: Road-legal off-road tires

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    Default Road-legal off-road tires

    I am looking to put more aggressive off-road tires on my bike (CRF250L) to improve handling on the often muddy MX track.

    The bike still sees some street use and Japanese laws on the matter, if any, are completely unknown to me.

    Specific recommendations or leads would be appreciated. Thank you, guys.

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    I like the Dunlop D606 tread. The D605 tube type is the same tread pattern, good grip in loose stuff & been good in snow and not bad in moderate mud also, I get about 3,500klm per set, which is pretty good as I don't trailer to the ride spots, and the bikes pretty heavy;500 thumper.
    Extreme tread will have it on the side of the tire not for rd use, and makers have specs for speed ratings on rds

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    Thanks for the reply. The D606 would be more aggressive than the ones I have on now. They seem like a reasonable step up. Much appreciated.

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    Turns out the D606 falls short of what I am looking for and, since I have a trailer, I am going full MX.

    Would anyone know if it is possible to fit the Bridgestone X30 on a CRF250L?

    According to the Bridgestone spec booklet, the X30 is too wide for the CRF250L. Add to that the low pressures I'll be running and, well, here I am. Does anyone know?

    Thank you guys.

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