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Thread: Mid sized adventure style bikes

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer162 View Post
    Just posing the question out there.
    Not interested in big Adv bikes such as the Africa twin , BMW 1150 or 120oGS or any large bike.
    Want to know peoples thoughts on mid sized bikes around 650 cc Iím hearing the Kawasaki KLE 650 Versys and the Suzuki DL650 Vstrom are there but what are people riding pluses and minuses Iíd love to hear.
    Iím looking to do this relatively soon. So hearing what peopleís thoughts are would be great.
    I do know that recently both Suzuki and Kawasaki came out w/250cc versions but I think that will be too small.
    If it is physical size you want to avoid then maybe try rent one to make sure as some feel big despite being mid size category.
    I have toured on the Vstrom, Versys, MT09 Tracer, CB500X, G650GS.
    All are good bikes.
    On unsealed roads I liked the G650GS best and it physically felt the smallest, however the one I rode had a clunky 5 speed gearbox.
    The CB500X is underrated, did two tours on this model elsewhere but in Japan it is 400cc and that may leave it a little lacking.
    The Versys is a fantastic bike, the engine still has lots of torque and the bike tours well.
    Vstrom is no doubt a good bike but the one I least liked out of this group on the road, try get a test ride.
    MT09 Tracer feels no bigger than Vstrom despite the extra cc and was easy the best of these if not going on gravel.
    Actually I'd have the MT09 Tracer GT model if I was in a position to buy something now.
    But if I was riding gravel and exploring mountain trails or doing actual ADV stuff like going round the world I'd have a Honda CRF250L.
    Toured Laos and Philippines on one of these and excellent bike, but not for expressway riding.

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    You should be able to rent any of the above bikes at Rental819 for about 10,000 yen for 4 hours.

    I'd do that before investing in a machine you'll be stuck with for the next few years.

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