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Thread: Want To Buy : WR250R

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    Default Want To Buy : WR250R

    I am looking to buy a Yamaha WR250R.

    Late model, low mileage is preferred.

    If anyone knows anybody selling a WR250R, please let me know.

    My budget starts at 480,000~yen. I'm in Shiga, but can pick up anywhere in Kansai.

    Already been searching the usual places (Yahoo Auctions, Bike O, SOX, YSP, Facebook, Mecari, Hatoya, Goo, JMTY...) There are plenty of WR's out there for sale, but they are all overpriced IMHO due to the end of production for the Japanese market.

    Thanks for your help!


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    I can get you a WR250R for 480,000 or under.

    Contact me at john ( at ) apexmoto ( dot ) jp

    This one sold recently for a tad over 400,000
    Apexmoto Inc - Dyno tuning, engine/chassis/suspension upgrades, repairs, shaken, tires & changing with balancing, graphics printing, stickers, media blasting, painting & powder coating.

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